VWGUS 2011 Sessions

Session Descriptions


6 pm Play as Professional Development Discussion and Welcome. Many of virtual worlds and games are allowing professionals to play as a form of professional and social networking. Are you using play as a form of social networking – should you be? What community activities are you doing in virtual worlds and games?

630 pm Burning Question/Taboo Topic – let’s play a round of this. What question or topic about education, games, learning, etc. – can’t you bring up without causing controversy? – Rurik Nackerud Facilitator

730 pm World of Warcraft, cognitive surplus and theorycraft Discussion. In-depth look and discussion on how MMORPG players are using their cognitive surplus to assess statistics, create program applications and learn mangagement strategies. It really is looking like data-driven decisions in most guilds, raids and battle grounds.

SL-Abacus Capalini, Demention Resident and Kavon Zenovka

815pm Machinima Lesson Model with the Machinima Working Group or Machinima 4 Mere Mortals

9 pm SIMPLE Education – Simulations and Immersive Play for Learning Experience – Gordon Holden


8 am redesigning Meaningful Play – Pilot Study –  Sara Cole

9 am Machinima and MMORPGs in the Morning
Viewing and discussion of some controversial and some not-so controversial Machinima that has been used in the classroom.

10 am “Live Research Discussion” for VWBPE 2012 Initiative

Live Research – VWBPE will be adding a live research component that would allow IRB (or equivalent) approved surveys, focus groups and other research methods to take place during the conference. This session will discuss how to build this initiative. http://www.vwbpe.org/blog/vwbpe-2012-program-initiatives

11 am Primer for Game Design – Rurik Nackerud

1130 am Crowdsourcing a Games Event for VWBPE

Last year VWBPE did a Machinima event and an interactive poster competition. This year VWBPE’s program committee wants to see about adding a games event to showcase games designed by students and educators.  So this will be a crowd-sourcing, brainstorming type of talk.

Noon – 3 pm Virtual World Field trips and Discussion

Noon – 1 pm Knowclue Kidd with Lego Universe

1-2 pm Bron Stuckey with Quest Atlantis

2-3 pm Minecraft with Bron Stuckey, Joanna Kay, Dean Groom
of Massively Minecraft

3- 4 pm Closing and Call to Arms

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