VWGUS Schedule and Sessions

The Virtual Worlds & Games Unsymposium
Friday & Saturday, November 2 -3.
Discussions will take place in Second Life

Please use the #gamemooc hashtag.

Most of the sessions will be livestreamed over the Games MOOC YouTube Channel
Sessions will also take place in TERAOnline and World of Warcraft

Friday November 2
5 pm – 8 pm SLT (which is PT)

5 pm MMORPGs, Machinima. MOOC & the Metaverse: The Future of Learning in Games – A Conversation not a Panel Discussion with Symposiasts -Tanya Martin (Gridjumper), Chris Luchs (Abacus Capalini), Jerry Buchko (JerryBuchko Resident), Joseph Doan (Izzylander Karu), Vasili Giannoutsos (Bluebarker LowTide) and Kae Novak (Kavon Zenovka)
Session Recording

6 – 630 pm Tour and Livestream of TERAOnline
Symposiarch:Vasili Giannoutsos (Bluebarker LowTide)
Livestream Recording

630 – 8 pm Horde Halloween Tour by Inevitable Betrayal Educators
US Server, Sisters of Elune, Horde start outside of Orgrimmar.
Join Inevitable Betrayal,  An Educators’ Guild on the Halloween tour.
We ll start at Brill, the party capital of the Forsaken, Loredon square in Undercity
and end at the Dia de los Muertos celebration in Orgrimmar.
Livestream of session and gameplay

Saturday November 3
1 pm – 6 pm SLT (which is PT)

1 pm Future Directions Discussion Group
Rosie Vojtek, editor of VEJ (Virtual Education Journal)
with Gordon Holden (Golden Greymoon), Andrew Wheelock ( Spiff Whitfield), Marianne Malmstrom (Knowclue Kidd) and Robert Vojtek (BJ Gearbox).
Front Range in Second Life

2 pm  Anne Frank MOOC with Andrew Wheelock (SL: Spiff Whitfield)
See pages 41- 42 Virtual Education Journal for Andrew’s article on the Anne Frank MOOC.
Session Recording

3 pm To Badge or Not To Badge……
Games Based Learning MOOC Badge Designers
Vasili Giannoutsos, Kae Novak, Tanya Martin, & Chris Luchs
Daily Badger – Stasia Weston (Aevalle Galacia)
Front Range in Second Life
Session recording

4 pm Zombie and Games with Therese Ellis
Session Recording

5 pm Pirate Ball and Play
Front Range in Second Life

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